Happy Presidents’ Day!

In honor of Presidents’ Day, I’m posting one of my new projects:Love

I’m embroidering my men one by one after sketching out a cartoon of each based on their portraits. Not sure if they’ll become a quilt or pillows… Thoughts?


Golden Fish

I’ve been really missing my Think Tank… By that I mean, my goldfish (named for some of my favorite philosophers: Benito, Albert, Georg, and Friedrich). They’re still in Los Angeles, but hopefully will be moving to Las Vegas soon! (Hint, hint, Mom!)

So when Criss came up with the idea for this goldfish trick, I jumped at the opportunity to help design it:

Pick’s Picks

This picture features the center of a twin size quilt I made for my dearest friend, Pickrel. When I think of her, I picture her stacks of books on her nightstand and shelves (which I lovingly call “Pick’s Picks”), and I wanted my quilt to reflect that.

As a student, I started collecting fabric scraps from dollar bins and other quilters in my guild, and this is a perfect example of what you can create on a shoestring budget!




This is the primary block for a new piece I’m working on.

The photograph is a paparazzi picture of Ethel Kennedy leaving Robert’s gravesite that I photocopied onto plain white paper. I painted the white portions gold (minus the cross) to give it an antiqued look.

The block is comprised of vintage (1930’s) fabric remnants that I pinned onto a square of batting, then I just free-style stitched and embellished as I saw fit. The two military buttons were my grandfather’s during WWII, and I collected the shells on Catalina Island.