New Design Direction

Since I moved the other month, I found a whole bunch of maps that I’ve tacked on various walls throughout the years. So a few rolled up with a sweet black bow in a corner, a few nicer ones framed, and what do I do with the rest?

Luckily I found that Arrow and Apple posed this idea. And whaddya know? Another way to repurpose jars!

Beautiful and Brainy

But seriously, a map-wrapped candle or two would majorly warm up a space like this; and with the wood and plants, maps totally work with the aesthetic.

Needs a map...


If I want to vere away from jars or find I don’t have enough room, Silly Eagle Books came up with this nice idea. I can picture these hanging as a pennant banner or added to floral arrangements for extra interest.

What does a map bird look like?



This last weekend was The Amazing Meeting, the James Randi Educational Foundation‘s annual conference. I helped lead the Million Dollar Challenge workshop, as I’ve been serving as its associate director.

MDC Workshop


One of our committee members made me these wonderful origami dinosaur earrings out of a Zimbabwe bill:


I set them on a new watercolor piece that I’m working on… They were too awesome not to share here!



This is the primary block for a new piece I’m working on.

The photograph is a paparazzi picture of Ethel Kennedy leaving Robert’s gravesite that I photocopied onto plain white paper. I painted the white portions gold (minus the cross) to give it an antiqued look.

The block is comprised of vintage (1930’s) fabric remnants that I pinned onto a square of batting, then I just free-style stitched and embellished as I saw fit. The two military buttons were my grandfather’s during WWII, and I collected the shells on Catalina Island.

Who’s your Spirit President?

This is a prop I made for a Vaudevillian trick I’m adding to my new magic show. (In my presentation, a president is named, and I cut him out of a plain piece of paper.)

For the photo above, I set the 8.5×11″ paper cut-out (originally cut out from a traced headshot) on an orange textured pillow we have, which shows off the cutting detail nicely.

I do plan to transform Ronnie (among other presidents I’m working on) into an embroidery project while I’m on the road for another show next weekend.