Magically Domestic

Working on a new trick… So grateful for my Rowenta travel iron!

Magically Domestic


Golden Fish

I’ve been really missing my Think Tank… By that I mean, my goldfish (named for some of my favorite philosophers: Benito, Albert, Georg, and Friedrich). They’re still in Los Angeles, but hopefully will be moving to Las Vegas soon! (Hint, hint, Mom!)

So when Criss came up with the idea for this goldfish trick, I jumped at the opportunity to help design it:

Who’s your Spirit President?

This is a prop I made for a Vaudevillian trick I’m adding to my new magic show. (In my presentation, a president is named, and I cut him out of a plain piece of paper.)

For the photo above, I set the 8.5×11″ paper cut-out (originally cut out from a traced headshot) on an orange textured pillow we have, which shows off the cutting detail nicely.

I do plan to transform Ronnie (among other presidents I’m working on) into an embroidery project while I’m on the road for another show next weekend.