This last weekend was The Amazing Meeting, the James Randi Educational Foundation‘s annual conference. I helped lead the Million Dollar Challenge workshop, as I’ve been serving as its associate director.

MDC Workshop


One of our committee members made me these wonderful origami dinosaur earrings out of a Zimbabwe bill:


I set them on a new watercolor piece that I’m working on… They were too awesome not to share here!



Since I recently posted about some of my favorite blogs, I figured I’d add on some of my favorite IG accounts… The ones I’d really miss if I didn’t follow. In no particular order, they are:

http://instagram.com/followbunny Stitching

http://instagram.com/ellenjanerogers Photography

http://instagram.com/leviticusjewelry Jewelry and Photography

http://instagram.com/designsponge Design and DIY

http://instagram.com/stitchapose Stitching

http://instagram.com/jr Dance and Photography

http://instagram.com/avaalongtheway Style

http://instagram.com/arieldearieflowers Floral Designs

http://instagram.com/jerseyicecreamco Design

http://instagram.com/errer_m  Treasure Hunting