Happy Presidents’ Day!

In honor of Presidents’ Day, I’m posting one of my new projects:Love

I’m embroidering my men one by one after sketching out a cartoon of each based on their portraits. Not sure if they’ll become a quilt or pillows… Thoughts?


That Old Black Magic

My family is Southern, and so I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for this sort of thing… Here is the voodoo doll I created for Criss Angel‘s new show on Spike TV.

That Old Black Magic

The “secret” is that I got some of his hair from his recent trim and added it to the doll!



This is the primary block for a new piece I’m working on.

The photograph is a paparazzi picture of Ethel Kennedy leaving Robert’s gravesite that I photocopied onto plain white paper. I painted the white portions gold (minus the cross) to give it an antiqued look.

The block is comprised of vintage (1930’s) fabric remnants that I pinned onto a square of batting, then I just free-style stitched and embellished as I saw fit. The two military buttons were my grandfather’s during WWII, and I collected the shells on Catalina Island.