Quality Tupperware

Years ago I made Rudy Coby  one of my crocheted breakfasts, and last year he gifted me a handmade set of new arms:

New arms!

Today he posted this picture of his fridge. I suppose that tupperware really works!

Rudy's Fridge



My Future?

I think the New Yorker revealed my future:


Breakfast: the magical place where carbs and sugar somehow create nutrition.

Breakfast: the magical place where carbs and sugar somehow create nutrition.

Not only is breakfast clinically proven to be the most important meal of the day, I think it also has the most versatility for deliciousness… Pancakes, syrup, fruit, lots of bread, and dare I say, BACON?

There are so many ways to dress breakfast up or down, and furthermore, breakfast is decidedly intimate. It can be sweet, relaxing, casual, awkward, or hurried, but we’re vulnerable with our unbrushed teeth, messy hair, and sleepy thoughts… And there’s something very tender and fragile about that.

I like breakfast foods at all times of day, and I find food not made of food and in places where food shouldn’t be (but also non-food food in places where food typically is) hilarious. Don’t ask me why. Between those two things about myself, a crocheted breakfast seemed most fitting.

Here I dished up a sunny-side-up egg and some crispy strips of bacon with acrylic yarn and 6mm and 6.5mm crochet hooks.