New Design Direction

Since I moved the other month, I found a whole bunch of maps that I’ve tacked on various walls throughout the years. So a few rolled up with a sweet black bow in a corner, a few nicer ones framed, and what do I do with the rest?

Luckily I found that Arrow and Apple posed this idea. And whaddya know? Another way to repurpose jars!

Beautiful and Brainy

But seriously, a map-wrapped candle or two would majorly warm up a space like this; and with the wood and plants, maps totally work with the aesthetic.

Needs a map...


If I want to vere away from jars or find I don’t have enough room, Silly Eagle Books came up with this nice idea. I can picture these hanging as a pennant banner or added to floral arrangements for extra interest.

What does a map bird look like?


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