Steer This Way

If you know me, you know that skulls are an incredibly important totem in my life. Bones help remind me of the impermanence of material life, keeping things in perspective. Here is a cute way to add a few more to your decor, especially when saving up to add more to your collection. (For me, at least.) 😉

Green Wedding Shoes recommended this craft for escort cards, however I envision them in a more everyday setting. Imagine adding this new friend to a fun wall display…

New Friend

Like this one featured in Built-In-Style last September:

Jed Lind's Home in LA

If you have a table near by, you could place a group of skulls there instead. And I think this other chic bone craft would pair well, too. A friend saw these in a store online, but I imagine you could paint a dried out wishbone with a bold color and metallic paint using blue painters’ tape for strait lines.

Make a Wish



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