Since I recently posted about some of my favorite blogs, I figured I’d add on some of my favorite IG accounts… The ones I’d really miss if I didn’t follow. In no particular order, they are: Stitching Photography Jewelry and Photography Design and DIY Stitching Dance and Photography Style Floral Designs Design  Treasure Hunting


Blog Rollin’

A girlfriend just asked which blogs I follow… So I thought I’d share the love, and post a few that I’m really into right now:

Feeling Stitchy is largely sewing crafts, although much of what they comes up with can take on many different uses. I think their designs are adorable and poignant, and the way they applies them to everyday life is so creative.

Honestly WTF is one of my favorites… A fresh approach to DIY, especially on a budget, and very down to earth. They feature inspiring up-and-comers, and they present cool ways to make things feel contemporary without risking going out of trend.

A Beautiful Mess has taught me a lot, from how to style maiden braids to making unique wall accents. The design of the blog itself is accessible, and it’s often hard to close the tab on my browser.