New Design Direction

Since I moved the other month, I found a whole bunch of maps that I’ve tacked on various walls throughout the years. So a few rolled up with a sweet black bow in a corner, a few nicer ones framed, and what do I do with the rest?

Luckily I found that Arrow and Apple posed this idea. And whaddya know? Another way to repurpose jars!

Beautiful and Brainy

But seriously, a map-wrapped candle or two would majorly warm up a space like this; and with the wood and plants, maps totally work with the aesthetic.

Needs a map...


If I want to vere away from jars or find I don’t have enough room, Silly Eagle Books came up with this nice idea. I can picture these hanging as a pennant banner or added to floral arrangements for extra interest.

What does a map bird look like?


Mason Jars Forever

I have a confession, I’m addicted to glassware. I use it in all of my decorating, and everything in my pantry has been transferred into ball jars. My mother has put a moratorium on me buying apothecary jars and Irish Crystal. (Grandma has managed to slip me some antique bluing and oriental cream jars, though. They’re amazing.)

When I saw this post from the DIY Playbook, I immediately bookmarked it. Sure, it works perfectly for bathroom products, but I would venture to place it almost anywhere, holding special treasures or plants.

DIY Playbook

Imagine this jar display in a bedroom with a statement piece like this vintage “suzani”…


Or on the wall near some depression-era glass (another obsession of mine I’m sure I’ll cash in on when I move to a larger house) like this Mosser Glass, which is actually a modern family company.

Mosser Glass


Steer This Way

If you know me, you know that skulls are an incredibly important totem in my life. Bones help remind me of the impermanence of material life, keeping things in perspective. Here is a cute way to add a few more to your decor, especially when saving up to add more to your collection. (For me, at least.) 😉

Green Wedding Shoes recommended this craft for escort cards, however I envision them in a more everyday setting. Imagine adding this new friend to a fun wall display…

New Friend

Like this one featured in Built-In-Style last September:

Jed Lind's Home in LA

If you have a table near by, you could place a group of skulls there instead. And I think this other chic bone craft would pair well, too. A friend saw these in a store online, but I imagine you could paint a dried out wishbone with a bold color and metallic paint using blue painters’ tape for strait lines.

Make a Wish



This last weekend was The Amazing Meeting, the James Randi Educational Foundation‘s annual conference. I helped lead the Million Dollar Challenge workshop, as I’ve been serving as its associate director.

MDC Workshop


One of our committee members made me these wonderful origami dinosaur earrings out of a Zimbabwe bill:


I set them on a new watercolor piece that I’m working on… They were too awesome not to share here!


Since I recently posted about some of my favorite blogs, I figured I’d add on some of my favorite IG accounts… The ones I’d really miss if I didn’t follow. In no particular order, they are: Stitching Photography Jewelry and Photography Design and DIY Stitching Dance and Photography Style Floral Designs Design  Treasure Hunting

Blog Rollin’

A girlfriend just asked which blogs I follow… So I thought I’d share the love, and post a few that I’m really into right now:

Feeling Stitchy is largely sewing crafts, although much of what they comes up with can take on many different uses. I think their designs are adorable and poignant, and the way they applies them to everyday life is so creative.

Honestly WTF is one of my favorites… A fresh approach to DIY, especially on a budget, and very down to earth. They feature inspiring up-and-comers, and they present cool ways to make things feel contemporary without risking going out of trend.

A Beautiful Mess has taught me a lot, from how to style maiden braids to making unique wall accents. The design of the blog itself is accessible, and it’s often hard to close the tab on my browser.


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I’ve just moved! And it’s been way more exciting than stressful… Which is almost more exciting in it of itself. My goal was to minimize clutter in my decorating, continue to eliminate “college-feeling” design, and keep my adventure/museum aesthetic alive … Continue reading

Between Two Walls

As I’ve been preparing to move, I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between rooms (even though my condo isn’t quite big enough to merit this). Of course we look at the beauty within any given room, but perhaps thinking about how one transitions from one room to the next is another way to maximum your design aesthetic.

My love of American history led me to find the Greenbriar in the Allegheny Mountains, now I’m in love with that, too! I think they get this point so well.

I mean, just look at these two images:



And then there’s this room, which is sort of irrelevant to this post, but is just so amazing: